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All Duffeled Up and (Possibly) Nowhere to Go

The day started off pretty good. The last of my gear came in this past week and I spent the day switching the load-out in my truck from living to camping mode. I went and spent 120 dollars on toiletries for the next 4 months as well as doing a final pack of my Alaska gear. I’ve got a great big duffel bag packed full that I am sending ahead of me to the lodge.

I was feeling pretty good about things until I checked my email and received some troubling news. I had sent an email earlier this week to the manager up at the lodge to check in with him and see if it was alright to send off my gear. I was planning on mailing my stuff tomorrow or the next day. I’m glad I didn’t, as I was informed that Alaska had their 14 day quarantine extended to June 2 (I was under the impression that it had been lifted). My manager said he would be in contact with me on or before that date to let me know where things stand.

According to him, the 14 day quarantine of visitors to Alaska is a ‘game changer’ for lodge operations. Of course people aren’t going to take an extra 2 weeks to sit and do nothing in seclusion for the chance to go fishing for a week! I did some research and it seems the quarantine goes until June 2 when there will be a review to see if reopening the state will happen. Nothing can proceed until then. Now it’s just a waiting game to see what goes down.

I’m feeling very anxious about this whole thing. It seemed to me that everything was going along just fine, the 14 day quarantine had expired last week and I thought everything was hunky-dory. I guess they had started it up again and I didn’t know about it. I guess I won’t know if I’m going to Alaska until next week. It’s going to be devastating if this falls though as I’ve put so much time and money into this thing…plus how much of a letdown it would be. The only thing that got me through this rotten winter was knowing I was finally fulfilling my dream to go work up in Alaska.

If this quarantine messes up my Alaska plans I’m still going to go ahead with my trip to gold country. I’ll need the space to clear my head and think about my next steps. Hopefully if everything goes sour I can refunded for all my flights and Air-b&b’s. Maybe the season will just be set back a couple of weeks and I can still get up there. Everything is in flux right now, who knows how it’ll shake out.

My plan was to head out Sunday or Monday at the latest. Now I have to be here to Tuesday at least. Since I will be working an extra couple of days and thus have an increased travel budget, I decided to splurge on an awning that is made to mount on the back of vehicles. It will be delivered on Wednesday, and I’m hoping it’ll come in a day early. Amazon has been delivering a day or two faster lately so hopefully that will happen. In the past I have used pop-up canopies for shade and they work well, but are bulky and a pain to set up, break down & store. I’m hoping that this awning works better in those regards.

I’ve got a new fly rod and a set of gold pans I’m ready to break in, so at least I can do that. If the whole season is a wash at least I’m in a pretty good situation all around with my finances and vehicle health. Work is plentiful here and I’ll be well on the way to having enough to rent a place somewhere. I am so ready to get out of the camper-shell life.

Ready to break these guys in.

Well, it’s out of my hands now. I’m hoping for the best but trying to prepare myself if it doesn’t happen. It will be a crushing disappointment if it does. So many things have been going so bad for so many that I guess it’s kinda par for the course though. I’ll just have to wait and see.


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